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Here's a list of current equipment.

Tal 200K. 8 inch.

HEQ5 with AWR GOTOon Orion Tripod.

SkyWatcher ED80 Pro.

Canon EOS 20D plus Phillips 840 ToUcam modded to Black/White with Raw download.

Current equipment consists of a TAL 200K 8 inch, f10 optical tube mounted on an HEQ 5 equatorial mount with an AWR moter drive and GOTO system. Eye-pieces are a mix of Meade and Antaries Possels with a mix of filters.

Imaging is via a Phillips ToUcam Pro II and a Canon 20D digital camrea directly coupled with adaptors and tubes from "Scopes and Skies".

Tal 200K
Tal 200K
Tal 200K on M42.
Tal 200K on HEQ5.